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AnoraE started this conversation

Question: What was the big deal with 10-10-10


Well yesterday was an interesting date in reference to the Kabbalah. In the Kabbalah the numbers 10-10-10 equate to the sphere of Keter (Kether) on the Tree of Life. The most simplistic explanation of Keter is that it translates as the Crown and represents the Light. For example, in Middle Pillar rituals one envisions drawing down the spiritual Light,hence the Light of Keter. Keter is the last sphere on the Tree of Life just beneath the three negative spheres of existence. Keter is representative of Perfection. So yesterday was interesting because it was not only Sun Day but also 10-10-10.

Also, any time you have three numbers in a row it is considered a Master number. Generally is numbers 1-9, but can relate to larger numbers such as this. We almost seem to recognize something inherently special about it because of the arrangement of numbers. To our minds two numbers in a row could be random, but three numbers in a row seems more purposeful, more intentional. Similar to if a person says something three times in a row it is believed they must really mean it. Likewise the first true geometric shape is a triangle which has there sides. A dot is just dot, a line is just a line, but when you connect three lines together you get a triangle. So, one of the first geometric forms capable of holding something, and one of the first geometric forms that is something unto itself.

This is why we tend to view these sorts of days as special or somehow mystical. In theory some part of us recognizes this and that is why we view it as special or having mystical importance. Then when you consider dates they take on a special significance because it is rare, because it only happens once a year at most, and 10-10-10 only occurs once in a thousand years.


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